5 Q&A with Yaksta

Rising Reggae and Dancehall star Yaksta is on a journey to take revolutionize the music industry with his unconventional sound. Though the singer/songwriter has been involved in music since 2015, he took the airwaves by storm with his ska-infused track Boogie Woogie in 2018, which made rounds on both local and international radio. The Bush Lawd, who hails from the hills of St. Mary, is determined to deliver music that motivates and uplifts his audience.

1. Why the name Yaksta? Where did that name come from?

Yaksta was created from two words Brainiac and Stamina. I used I.A.C and flipped it to Y.A.K conjoint with S.T.A from the word Stamina which gave birth to name Yaksta… Which means mental Stamina.

2. How has your musical journey evolved since you first started back in 2015

A journey that will inspire many stories to come, in short I think I’m the definition of never giving up. Many obstacles, many lessons and experiences that accompanies experimentation and why it is key to stay true to your dreams. It has changed dramatically since of late which I’m humbled by.  

3. What attracts you to your preferred sound and what is your personal purpose or goal when creating your music?

To be honest I don’t have preference per se, it’s just how I feel and what feels right. As sometimes I’ll use the negative as a topic to create stories that might or will impact many. I’m influenced by many things including my surroundings so I would say my sound is an unorthodox type of feeling good and raw real. 

4. Tell us your favourite song from your top 3 musical influences.

Jimmy cliff – Clearly Now 

Vybz kartel – Thank Yo Jah

Peter Tosh – Johnny B

Bonus Omi – Cheerleader

5. Who is your current celebrity crush?

My Spouse and if I never Had her it would be Lila 

Yaksta’s most recent track, Ambition, has garnered over 400,000 views in two weeks. Check out the video below.

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