Junior Reid & Julian Marley Serenade Earth

Grammy award-nominated reggae artistes Junior Reid and Julian Marley team up for a social commentary tribute to the Earth, on the single Mother Nature.

The single unambiguously poses questions about the wide-ranging abuse meted out to ‘mother nature’, while reassuring of the planet’s resilience and the imminent demise of the perpetrators of the mistreatment.

Mother Nature art

Mi nuh see the trees dem ah fret, mi nuh see the animals ah fret, mi nuh see the mountains ah fret, mi look an mi see the sun set,” the Foreign Mind singer noted, before warning “me see the world leaders ah fret, dem ah wonder ah who send the threat, dem borrow and dem cah pay them debt , Haile set it and everything done set.”

What they do Mama Earth, can’t they see that she’s hurt, is this the signs of the time, they can’t stop the sun from shine,” the Cooling In Jamaica musician chimed in to support Reid‘s declaration.

An OAJ collage of stills from the official lyric video for Mother Nature.

Junior Reid‘s extensive musical career spans a lengthy and iconic trod, which includes a stint as the lead singer of the legendary Black Uhuru outfit. Meanwhile, Julian Marley is also a recognisable figure in music, both for his solo projects and as well as being a member of reggae music’s royal family.

The duo’s single is a Breaking Expectations-J-Rod Records joint venture. A lyric video for the single recently premiered on Reggaeville.

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