Etana Releases 12-Track ‘Gemini’ & ‘Bubble’ Video

Grammy nominated Jamaican vocalist Etana releases 12-track Gemini album, her sixth full-length offering. Two singles, Bubble and Truly, had been released prior to the Freemind Music-Zojak World Wide collaboration’s debut.

The project showcases the singer’s prowess across musical genres and arrangements, ranging from hard-hitting dancehall beats to sultry ballads. According to the artiste’s camp, the album aimed to explore “emotions, self-care, and relationships” and, as such, can be generally categorised as an “ode to love in a variety of expressions.”

Gemini features guest appearances by Bugle and Kabaka Pyramid. The twelve singles on the album are 100 on the Highway, Truly, Bubble, Secret Lovers, Tight Spaces, Deception, Anything For You, Easy To Let Go, Love, Talk About It, Jamaica and Party & Smoke.

Additionally, Etana gave fans a ‘brawta,’ by releasing a video to accompany Bubble.

The lover’s rock track, which parades a nostalgic old school rub-a-dub element, swanks titillating rhythmic patterns and sexy lyrics like “mi ah bubble pon time, because ah man like you deserve di sweetest whine” to match.

The veteran reggae songwriter is known to cheekily marinate soulful notes across her impressive vocal gamut. The TJ Records-produced Bubble is no different, and finds Etana effortlessly flaunting an airy, but wistful, commentary of love; a classic love song.

The video, like the single, revisits the classic rent-a-tile bubbling street dance aesthetic, from the stacked sound boxes, ‘pyro’ and lighter flare and zinc fence facade down the to requisite tri-colour mesh merino, bulky gold chain and short shorts.

Oh, and flags. How could we forget the flags?

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