Gramps Morgan Says There Is a Place For ‘People Like You’

Gramps Morgan‘s People Like You is an enchanting heartsong, curated to soothe disquiet and inspire hope across the globe, during a time that it is most needed.

The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter told OAJ that the record was initially meant to honour the memory of his “uncle, David, who passed from coronavirus and people working in the hospitals… doctors, nurses.”

But, with the arresting bridge “I’ve heard up there the streets are made of gold, and when you get there, there’s a hand to hold,” the ballad optimistically promises release, from despair, for those who are trapped in a state of hopelessness.

Morgan added that single also took on new significance, following the passing of veteran record producer Robert ‘Bobby Digital’ Dixon. The iconic reggae-dancehall figure spearheaded the release of the first album from the Morgan Heritage band, in which Morgan performs with his siblings.

Subtle piano modulations, a scintillating chorale accompaniment and the distinct contemporary country arrangement of People Like You help to convey Morgan‘s message of believing in the strength and resilience of humanity.

People Like You, the artiste shares, “is dedicated” to everyone whose spirits need to be lifted. The record will be released, globally, on June 5.