Sasco Drops Teflon-Produced ‘Loco’

Loco, the guns coming in by the boatload…,” songwriter-deejay, Sasco, artfully introduces his latest single.

Loco partly narrates unsavoury, ill-advised and generally destructive paths people choose to gain popularity. Sasco illustrates a cataclysmic ending, designed by the desperation for social acceptance.

The artisan effortlessly parades lyrics showcasing his rhyming prowess, as he flows seamlessly – for three minutes – on the bouncy Teflon-produced track. Sasco‘s charm and wit is credibly stitched into the fabric of the catchy single.

“…Teflon, wah mi fi do fi di promo? Drop ah Koffee remix an call it cocoa?”

Stills from Sasco’s Loco video.

An accompanying music video was shot in downtown Kingston. The visuals capture nifty angles and colourful murals donning the facades of buildings to frame the minimalist aesthetic of the artiste’s background.

The artiste currently hosts the Sasco Riddim Classics series, on Instagram, in which he examines untold or little-known stories behind popular reggae-dancehall ‘riddims.’

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