Dexta Daps Released From Jail & Drops New Single

Dancehall singer Dexta Daps has released new music after being freed from jail on April 30. The perfectly timed release, kudos PR team, targets his main demographic, women.

On the track, the artiste encourages women to be empowered and stop accepting substandard treatment while urging men to be better and treat women like “queens” rather than possessions.

The song, titled Breaking News, is meant to be an ode to women who have endured abuses, general mistreatment and neglect from men.

The track touts eye-opening phrasing like “…too nice to him, bwoy love him belly, just poison him.” But, it also boasts less controversial and more well-received lines, such as “…stop fight wid him, mek him fight for you like Tyson…,” which is getting a bit of a buzz in the social media sphere.

The artiste, known for his sexy performances, was detained, early last month, and reportedly held for questioning in relation to gang-related activities. A representative of Dexta Daps, attorney Peter Champagnie, said the singer was released without being charged, adding that there are no charges pending.

Listen the track below.


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