Koffee Stars In And Narrates H&M Holiday Advertisement

Jamaican Reggae Grammy award-winner Koffee continues to snag top-tier endorsements and forge unprecedented partnerships during what has mainly been a dormant year for musical pursuits outdoors.

The Colombia Records artiste is now appearing in an H&M holiday advertisement. Koffee stars in and narrates one of the retail clothing company’s #HMHoliday #HMBringOnTheFuture seasonal campaign ads.

This latest endorsement comes on the heels of a history-making Mastercard Latin America collaborative ambassadorship, which finds the young musician representing the brand in the Caribbean. That advertisements notably includes Koffee‘s mum, actress Jo-Anne Williams, who is affectionately known as ‘Koffee Maker.’

The young songwriter has also notably teamed up with Malta for the non-alcoholic drink company’s latest flavour and design rebranding campaign.