Salaam Remi & Super Cat Drop New Video

Salaam Remi manages to draw out reclusive dancehall grandmaster Super Cat for his latest track, Push Time, off the highly anticipated upcoming Black on Purpose project.

The Grammy award-nominated producer curates a recognisible vintage sound, which seamlessly complements the iconic toasting of the Jamaican maestro. Push Time’s hook goes, “gone up di river, gone go spend big time. Gone up di river, gone go push big time. Gone up di river, gone go pay fi crime.

The Wild Apache (Super Cat’s secondary moniker) is one of a few elite Jamaican artistes, who have successfully, and routinely, loaned his vocals to the hip-hop genre, without compromising it’s integrity.

Push Time continues a longstanding trend that has, over the decades, been facilitated by notable eclectic collaborations, from the deejay, with rock band Sugar Ray, hip-hop duo Kriss Kross, and beloved ‘Jamerican’ deejay-rapper, the late Heavy D.

Super Cat peacocks stylist threads and his signature ‘skanking’ in the video for the catchy ‘chune’ which contains lyrics that address social injustice and unrest, as well as the general cause and affect of complicity to illicit affairs.

Push Time is a joint Wild Apache-Louder Than Life Records labels effort; the accompanying video is co-direct by Remi and NEWD4Y JOVI.

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