Ajji Takes Aim At ‘Summer’ With Busy Signal & Stylo G

New York-based deejay Ajji heads into the warm season with the release of the aptly titled single, Live For The Summer. The artiste elicited a little help from dancehall luminaries Busy Signal and Stylo G for the bouncy New League Music-produced track.

“I wrote the song, demo the verses and sent it to Stylo G, who immediately jumped on the record, bringing his own style and flair,” Ajji recalls and adds that he got extra lucky when Busy Signal walked into the recording session, heard the track and proclaimed “No, mi need piece a dis.”

Ajji credits producer Michaelius Phipps for planting the seed which grew into what he hopes will be a summer banger.

I was contacted by longtime friend and producer Michaelius Phipps of New League Music, with the beat, and asked to come up with a song for the summer,” the dancehall act declares, regarding how the project was initiated.

At the moment, Ajji (formerly known as Ajrenalin) has several projects in the works that are scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.

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