Sean Paul drops ‘Back It Up Deh’ with Video

Perennial favourite and prolific hit-maker, Sean Paul, drops a new single and accompanying video for the track Back it Up Deh.

The Grammy award-winning artiste released the Kieran Khan-directed visual spectacle to feed his ever-present fan base. The video, which is somewhat of a cinematographer’s ‘flex’, is a lighting technician’s playground bosomed by a city lightscape.

The single-video showcases all the requisite SP dancehall elements: hard-hitting beat, the signature ‘SP bounce,’ and ‘damsels.’ If that was not enough, there is also a ring of fire, for good measure… ‘cuz, ‘ever blazin.’

The veteran deejay, who has been consistently present in the international entertainment sphere for almost two decades, has a discography which boasts four (4) number-one and 10 top-10 Billboard Top 100 singles.

Toronto-based director Khan has been a seasoned videographer of more than a decade and a frequent collaborator of Sean Paul for years.

Watch the full video below:

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