Buju & John Legend Bring Back ‘Memories’

Reggae icon and Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Buju Banton released a new single, Memories, featuring multi-hyphenate musician John Legend.

The deejay is in prime peacocking form on the track, effortlessly employing his signature raspy, emotive belting complemented by an always-expected ‘riddim riding’ artistry. Meanwhile, Legend did ‘Legend’ things.

Banton has released a series of singles, including Steppa, Trust, and Ganja Man, leading up to Memories. Notably, on his reinvigorated musical journey, the veteran dancehall artiste even managed to elicit the talent of legendary, frequent-collaborator and elusive songwriter-producer, Dave Kelly. Over the past year, Banton also whetted his fan base’s appetites with a series of dates on his Long Walk to Freedom tour.

This Memories collaboration is not the first time the acclaimed duo have team. More than a decade ago, Banton and Legend released another ode to the meandering complexity of romantic relationships, Can’t Be My Lover, which appeared as a bonus track on Legend‘s Evolver album.

Legend is the first black man to achieve EGOT status, which means he has won at least one Emmy, one Grammy, one Oscar, and one Tony.

Memories is slated to appear on Banton‘s hotly anticipated Gargamel Music-Roc Nation upcoming release, Upside Down.

One Comment

  1. Rastaempress

    Buju is in full form on this record. As a matter of fact I was just saying yesterday while listening to a Buju cd, that it has been some time now since I have heard the vintage Buju sound, like I was hearing from the cd.
    My brother is in full form. Can’t wait to see what he’s coming with after COVID-19.
    John Legend is on top of his game as usual. Congratulations to them both!

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