Vogue Hails Kenyan Designer Who Donates Masks To Hometown

Young Kenyan designer David Avido has been featured in Vogue for lending his artistry to provide free masks for the people in the village of Kibera, in Nairobi. The artist being raised in that low-socioeconomic region of the African state impressed upon him to lend a helping hand to the undeserved demographic.

Chris Martin In Avido
David and Koffee in Avido
Konshens in Avido

More than a month-an-a-half ago, Avido launched into action to provide the much-needed protective gear for his countrymen, after the current novel coronavirus (Covid19) threatened to ravish a large number of the countries across the globe.

The former dancer-turned-scion of African design leads a team of about one dozen in the fight against the virus. The group have distributed some 10,000 masks, so far.

David Avido with his masks for distribution

The 20-odd-year-old artisan, who expresses love for Jamaican culture, has dressed a number of international celebrities, including Jamrock’s Buju Banton, Koffee, Konshens, Chris Martin, Agent Sasco, and Etana.


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