Sevana Talks To OAJ About Her New Single & Video Chant It


The beautiful talented singer, songwriter Sevana has finally given us what we have been asking for which is new music and visuals.

We caught up with Sevana yesterday to speak about her new single and music video Chant It.

OAJ: Tell us about your new single chant it?

Sevana: Chant It was the song I wrote about my very first real love. I wanted to tell the whole world how I felt about Christopher, so I wrote this song. I’ve had a while actually, since 2010 but I’ve always wanted to complete a studio recording for it, so we did.

OAJ: Who produced the single?

Sevana: Chant It was produced my the talented and meticulous Winta James. I’m fortunate to have his creative input as part of my whole EP, which is coming shortly!


OAJ: What was the inspiration for the video and who directed it?

Sevana: The inspiration and vision for the Chant It video belongs Nile Saulter. He wanted to tell three different love stories: The pregnant and older Rastafarian couple, the exuberant affair of a younger couple and the mysterious couple who you wonder about. He wanted to make sure he captured specific shots to portray this and I think he did so brilliantly.

OAJ: In the end of the Chant It video is that a continuation for another video?

Sevana: You know, that’s a cool perspective and who am I say that anyone’s interpretation of a piece of art is wrong? It may or may not be, that depends on the viewer 😉

OAJ: You did an amazing performance at the recent Ancient Future show in Kingston. Will you be going on the road with Protoje? Where can we see you next?

Sevana: Awww thank so much! I’m excited to say that I’ll be going on the road with my band this summer in europe and I can’t wait, I’m a little terrified but I plan to kill it. I’m not sure yet if I’ll join Protoje at any point, but who knows? I’ll probably put coverage on my Instagram so everyone who’s interested can follow along.

Check out the video for Chant It below:


One Comment

  1. Adel moussa

    Hello,so thank you jamaica to having you,your songs are true i can feel it.I love the music too ,it would be crazy to see you in europe with your band even if the collaboration with the indiggnation and protoje gave to you a big background sound.adel moussa drummy

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