Tifa Opens Up On Her Stay Away Mixtape

Tifa Stay Away

Dancehall diva Tifa has released her a spicy hot mixtape called Stay Away.
Tifa says The Stay Away mixtape basically expresses every thought I’ve had About any situation that has happened to me over the past 4 years both public & private.

They always say that you should be careful of the ones who are quiet, because they are the ones who actually think.
I just been thinking and moving in silence & doing what I had to do to stay afloat & progress over the years. But there comes a time when so much has happened that you need to release! I felt like I was gonna combust!

So many things have been said & done against me & I’ve just been holding it for one reason or another. It’s time to just let it all out now!

It’s time for everybody to hear my side of the story! No filter! Hard Hitting Lyrics & insight into the mind of Latifa Brown.

OAJ Massive! We love this, and its free to download! Enjoy!