Asafa Powell Launches His 2016 Calendar & You Can Win One!

Asafa Calendar Cover

Olympic Gold medal winner Asafa Powell recently launched his anticipated yummy calendar for 2016.

The calendar features Asafa at some of Jamaica’s most beautiful, famous and historic sites which was shot by photographer William Richards. This calendar is most definitely a great gift for the ladies who is one of Jamaica’s biggest sex symbols.

We caught up with Asafa to touch his chest oops umm we meant speak to him about the project and more.

OAJ: Hey Saf! Your body is looking better than ever, did you have to do any additional workout on your body for the calendar?

ASAFA: (Smile) no, not at all.

OAJ: What is your favourite month from the calendar.

ASAFA: November of course… my birthday month

OAJ: What was the hardest shoot in the calendar you had to do?

ASAFA: Probably reach falls only because the water was freezing and also the force of that waterfall was crazy so was hard to forget all of that and just focus on getting the shot.

Asafa Powell at Reach Falls in Portland, for his 2016 Calendar.
Asafa Powell at Reach Falls in Portland, for his 2016 Calendar.

OAJ: Aside from the calendar what is next for brand Asafa

ASAFA: We have a lot in the works. just did the US grand Prix F1 weekend where I gave out a trophy so stay tuned for more but right now it’s back to training and getting ready for the season up ahead.

OAJ: Will we be seeing you at Rio 2016?  

ASAFA: With God and the hard work I plan to put in … definitely.

We are sure that we will be seeing him there too!

Asafa 2016 Calendars are available at all Flow Jamaica stores in Jamaica BUT …..

We got a hold of 2 calendars courtesy of Flow Jamaica to give-away.

One calendar will be given away on our Twitter account & the other via our Instagram account


  1. Follow  o-access JAMAICA on either our Twitter or Instagram accounts.
  2. Look out for the posts that will tell you what day & time that the giveways will be done.
  3. Use the hashtag #IWantAOAJGiveaway when answering the question.

Good luck OAJ Massive!



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