Victoria Mutual Wants To Know What Does Financial Independence Mean To You

President & Chief Executive Officer Richard Powell of Victoria Mutual at the company’s economic Form at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel.

We recently was asked to attend the inaugural economic forum by Victoria Mutual which was about gaining Financial Independence which we must say was very engaging and informative.

Making his address President and Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Mutual, Richard Powell says the financial institution is committed to assisting individuals achieve financial independence.

At Victoria Mutual we believe that although financial independence is not solely our responsibility, we are committed to assisting individuals achieve that status. As an organisation, we support a long term approach to building financial independence, as we recognise that for most persons, it is a journey which evolves as they move through the various stages of life,”

Said Richard Powell.

The financial group takes pride in knowing that they are helping Jamaican’s from all walks of Life build their Financial Independence so they took the streets of Half Way Tree, in Kingston to ask the question what does Financial Independence mean to you?

Times are harder and everyone is looking to get out of a rut so we also would like to know what does Financial  Independence mean to you?

Looking forward to hearing your comments.


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