Ky-Mani & Damian Marley Collaborate With Keepers Of The Light

Ky-Mani Marley KeepersoftheLight

This is the first time Bob Marley’s youngest son’s Ky-Mani and Damian have actually collaborated on an original song together, and we hope it is not the last.

Keepers Of The Light is produced by Ky-Mani’s musical director Jason Farmer aka J-Vibe who has given a fresh new sound for Marley.

This anthem is second single coming from Ky-mani’s anticipated album Maestro which we got a pree listen and can’t wait for you to hear it, until then listen and enjoy the track below.

One Comment

  1. Abbie deshotel

    Just a suggestion the song keeper of the light. I think the world could use this right about now to bring all people togeather. Its just what we need. Maybe you and othet artist along with other songs could broadcast simultaneously arround the world. The world needs healing. I dont know how this works.

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