Reshma B Chains …. Be Banging!!!

Reshma B Chains

British music journalist Reshma B circles the globe covering reggae, dancehall and related sounds for media outlets like ClashMusic, The Fader, Revolt, Boomshots, and BBC radio. “I pick up all these slang expressions from the niche genres that I’m exposed to,” she says. “I started making these statement chains for myself whenever I discovered a word or phrase I thought was cool.”

Inspired by the creative slang she heard in interviews she conducted with some of music’s biggest stars, she began playing with her favourite phrases and turning them into designs. “Everyone would ask me about them—what do the words mean and where could they get one?” she recalls. “I soon began to share them with my friends, and ReshmaB Chains grew from there.”

lookbook8 reshmab chains

Since launching in February 2014 ReshmaB Chains have been spotted around the necks of recording artists like Jhené Aiko, Lady Saw, Gyptian, Kreesha Turner and Lauryn Hill. She’s collaborated with Jamaican dancehall star Popcaan and Project Runway season 9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee to create a custom piece for her Canyaval brand. She also created a custom order for Madonna, prior to the launch of her Rebel Heart tour. “I’ve had a lot of fun collaborating with designers and artists in the process,” says Reshma B.

“It’s been amazing to see how people from all different cultures and backgrounds have embraced the vision.”


ReshmaB Chains will make their runway debut at Caribbean Fashion Week 2015 in Kingston, Jamaica tonight at 9pm.

Also check out the video for the pop up shop early this year which features Popcaan, Diplo, Skrillex & more!

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