JamZone Brings The 1st Bowling Alley To Jamaica

Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennel going for her strike at JamZone.
Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennel going for her strike at JamZone.

For years Jamaicans have been bawling yes bawling for a bowling alley in Jamaica and our dreams have finally come true.

JamZone officially opened this Tuesday and Jamaicans are raving about it.

Owned & developed by Alley Cat Entertainment Limited, JamZone located in Manor Center in Manor Park, Kingston will be providing fun family entertainment, which features a state-of-the-art  12 lane bowling alley, a video-game arcade called Buzzers, and a bistro-style restaurant, Lucky Strike Lounge.


JZ Ball n Pins


JZ Kids Buzzers 5D Cinema
Children lining up to experience the 5D Cinema which showcases 5 minute movies which range from fun to horror.


JZ Shoes
You can’t bowl without the shoes!!


JZ LS People
Patrons hanging out at the Lucky Strike lounge.


JZ Bowling Balls


JamZone is defianatly a spot where we will be going to each month and hopefully building a team.

To book and for more information you can contact them at  jamzoneja@gmail.com 876 630-0760.



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