Watch!!! Kreesha Turner Burn Up Your Screen With Sexy Gal Feat T.O.K

Kreesha Turner Sexy Gal 2

Kreesha Turner, has shed her good girl image and is hotting up the place with her new video Sexy Gal featuring dancehall super group T.O.K. Sexy Gal is the first single from her brand new deal with Republic Records and is produced by DJ Budda.

This week super producer Timbaland posted 3 pics of Kreesha on his Instagram page promoting that she is now a part of Team Timbo, which the Jamaican, Canadian singer is very excited about.

Kreesha has also released the 1st part of her mixtape called #TheBody which features collaborations with artists such as 2 Chainz, Kardinal Offishall, Mya, Rock City and more. The mixtape showcases the direction of what Kreesha is moving towards with some slamming beats and sounds by Yonni.

There is a part 2 coming soon to the mix-tape as well as another video for Sexy Gal until them we shall have body envy while we watch this video … oh and men you will need to take a cold shower after watching it … memba we told yu!


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