Did Mariah Carey Lip Sync At Jamaica Jazz & Blues?

Mariah Carey JaJazz RyanEdgeOfGlory
Mariah Carey At Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival Photo By: @RyanEdgeOfGlory Twitter

Megastar, singer, songwriter and musician Mariah Carey woooed the audience on the second night of Jamaica Jazz & Blues festival last night, but according to some patrons they was not happy as some say she was lip syncing.

OnStage TV was there and caught her performance of Fantasy, take a look and tell us if you think she was.


  1. Tom Walker

    you can clearly see that there is a problem with her ear piece and the microphone. you can hear her voice keep cutting in and out between the song, plus the look of disappointment at the fault at around 4:30 clearly shows something went wrong.

  2. Katie S.

    Mariah Carey is a great artist. She is just having struggles in her life like anyone else. You can see she has a lot on her mind while trying to perform. There may also have been technical difficulties but all in all she is a wonderful singer. You keep going Mariah, you deserve someone way better than Nick Cannon anyways. The world is yours! Don’t let anyone in society bring you down, there just jealous bc you do have what it takes. A loyal fan.

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