Who’s Bad? Kreesha Turner Is Back & Pays Homage Michael Jackson



Canadian/Jamaican singer Kreesha Turner has been off the radar for a while but is back with a new single MJ, which pays homage to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

We caught up with the talented beauty after her rehearsals for more info.

 OAJ: We love the video and the track how did you come up with this concept of the MJ song and Moonwalking over them bitches?

KREESHA: Honestly I gotta give that brilliant idea to my writing partner Daaron Anthony! Lol he said “Moonwalk on a  niggah” n I said shoot we need to be moonwalking on dem bitches too then.

OAJ: Who did the styling in the video it’s amazing.

KREESHA: Concept wise, Nick (Cannon) came up with the idea of doing iconic MJ looks with a feminine spin. His amazing costume designers Katcha & her team custom designed the entire wardrobe.

OAJ: Your style has changed from girl next door to bad gyal … was you always a bad gyal underneath it all?

KREESHA: Lol, as a Gemini I can honestly say it’s always been there! I’ve always said there was 2 of me, as I come from 2 completely different worlds. There’s my Canada i.e. My Dad’s side of me and then there’s my Jamaica, my Mom’s side of me. This album I channelled my inner bad gyal!

OAJ: What can we expect from your new album Evolution Inevitable?

KREESHA: Evolution inevitable is a mixture of worlds, we took Hip-hop, Dancehall, R&B and combined it in a very specific manor that represents each of the creative minds involved.

Yonni (formally known as Young Yonny) produced the entire album while me and my writing partner Daaron Anthony penned every song.

Evolution Inevitable is exactly what it’s name suggests. To remain stagnant in unnatural as we are all forever growing, forever changing.

So sonically it’s a big departure from every other commercial release of mine. not only am I in a completely different place mentally but I’m also in a very different place career wise. Before I was an artist signed to a label, thus I was limited to the box the label put me in. I now have a new P&D deal w/ Universal Music Canada via my own label and with the strength of my new found manager I am releasing independently everywhere else. I say this all because this is the first album I had 100% control! No label telling me what to do, what to sound like.

Thus with no creative ceiling we just created something that we felt was different from not only everything I’d done before but also different than everything else being produced right now.

Check out the video for MJ … and a special guest appearance from her cute dog Panda The Sheiba who so happens to be be following us on twitter.



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