Yendi Phillipps Wants You To Burn Your Fat With In The Dance Fitness Jamaica

Yendi ITD Fitness cover

Yendi Phillipps is arguably one of Jamaica’s most famous beauty queens. Yendi Phillipps holds both titles as Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe. She is model, TV Host runs her self titled foundation which she founded in 2011 to to support the provision of health care for Jamaican citizens. Yendi is also a new mother to daughter Israel and now has out a brand new cardio dance workout DVD with In The Dance Fitness.

We caught up with ever bubbly Yendi to find out more about the DVD.

OAJ: How did this project come about?

YENDI: I am a dancer. It is my first love and passion as it is something I have been doing since I was 3 years old and what I went on to study in College. Dance was one of my methods of achieving fitness in preparing to compete in Miss Universe and was particularly useful after I gave birth to my daughter. I wanted to get back in shape but I was just not keen on getting into the gym at that point.

YENDI: As a passionate Jamaican who loves and lives our culture, I was eager to share our movement in a way that was close to my heart.

OAJ: What can we expect from the workout? Tells us what you do?

YENDI: You can expect a high energy, muscle sculpting, fat burning dance party. I like to stay fit but I rather dance than anything else. So this is a fun way to accomplish all the above and have a great time…plus feel sexy.

Yendi Jamaica Tee

OAJ: We think your secretly a mutant but if you say you’re not … how did you get back into shape after the birth of your daughter?

YENDI: Haha! No mutant here! I DANCE! I MOVE!

OAJ: Is this workout video for any age and size?

 YENDI: Any age…any size! Not only is it a workout but it is also a mini lesson in Jamaican culture and dance styles

OAJ: How can one get the video?

YENDI: The video is currently available in Wal-Mart in Canada. However it will soon be available outside of Canada. Please tell fans to keep checking the website for updates.

We are lucky to have a copy of the DVD. Check out our Instagram
to see our oDessa or Kimi do one of the workouts!

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