Meet Bravo’s Top Chef Contestant St Lucian Nina Compton

Nina Compton Full

We love watching Bravo’s Top Chef and better yet we love that a Caribbean national is one of the contestants on Season 11.

A native of St. Lucia, Nina Compton has trained in French, Caribbean and Italian kitchens. She has worked under renowned Chef Daniel Boulud and now lives in Miami where she is the Chef de Cuisine for acclaimed chef Scott Conant. A self-proclaimed “gnocchi Queen,” Nina always keeps Maldon salt, good olive oil, lemon, calabrese chilies, and either pancetta or guanciale on hand.

o-access JAMAICA caught up with Nina to find out more about her.

OAJ: Tell me a little about yourself and when did you fall in love with cooking?

Nina: I would help my mom bake in the kitchen then  I started cooking for my family at young age. Cooking is an extension of yourself and there is some experimenting that I love to do , there is never a dull moment.

OAJ: What is your favourite thing to cook?

Nina: That is a tough question , I really enjoy making gnocchi , it’s very relaxing

Nina & Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson, Chef Nina Compton & Samuel’s wife LaTanya Richardson

OAJ: We see you have cooked for celebrities such as Samuel Jackson, can you name any others for us?

Nina: I have the pleasure of working for a celebrity chef Scott Conant. I have also had Halle Berry , Tom Cruise , Celine Dion. Jennifer Lopez , Michael Bay , numerous famous DJ’s such as Tiesto

Nina Compton in Kitchen

OAJ: Wow very impressive!! We are watching Top Chef in Jamaica and are cheering you on. How do you feel representing the Caribbean on an international platform?

Nina: Being on top chef is such an amazing experience and has allowed me to put St Lucia on the map , many people have never heard of St Lucia. The support from not only St Lucian but all Caribbean nations is overwhelming and reminds us that we are very proud people and it has a some way brought the Caribbean together .

We are very proud of you Nina and hope to catch up with you very soon in the kitchen.

Watch Nina Compton on Season 11 of Bravo’s Top Chef Wednesday’s at 10pm EST.


  1. Vida James

    Nina your funs from Micoud are following and looking on. We are very proud of you. All the best on Wednesday evening. We will be watching if God spare our lives. We Love you!!

    James families from Up the Line,Florida & New York.

  2. cucumberjuice

    I definitely need to catch up on this season of Top Chef. Maybe there’s a marathon coming up soon. I saw a couple of early episodes and liked Nina, recognizing one of *our* accents immediately 😉

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