Listen! To Jovi Rockwell’s Single – I Got You

546842_611805162173039_2118176825_n (1)

The self proclaimed Rebel Love Goddess, Jovi Rockwell, is back with her first single I Got You from her forth coming EP titled Boombox.

After collaborating with Diplo on La La La for Snoop Lion, Jovi enlisted Grammy nominated producer REO of the Soundkillers to Executive Produce her highly anticipated solo EP release. REO is most known for his work with Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

Jovi took out a year away from the music scene to study her craft more and to teach herself how to play instruments. “Not only is my voice unique,” says Jovi, “but I made a conscious decision to play my own instruments which adds a different dynamic from other female artist’s live shows.”

The lead single and artwork for I Got You is inspired by Jessica Rabbit of Roger Rabbit fame. REO showcases Jovi’s infections cadence as she tells all the boys they want her bum bum.

We love this track, welcome back JoBlaze!

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