Top 5 Events For The Summer In Jamaica From Mamachell


She is fun, sharp, sexy, speaks her mind and is hella witty. Meet Jamaican blogger Chelan Smith aka Mamachell.

If you are in Jamaica or you are planing to come Mamachell has your Top 5 Events that you need to go to for the summer.

1. Sumfest :- Sumfest has just always been my generation’s ultimate stage show. I like that they mix it up by having overseas artistes as well as local acts. I know this year they are bringing Miguel and Flo Rida but to be honest I’m looking forward to seeing Beres Hammond and Jr. Gong. It’s like a once stop for all your entertainment. 

 2. SPF: – I like many Jamaicans love an all inclusive party. SPF is filled with them and just the whole different take on partying and a new town and vibe I love it. I have particular parties I have to go for SPF and that’s Fiction Beach, Eye Candy and Soiree. It’s a more grown crowd and everyone is always tipsy juuuust enough to not care and DANCE. 

3. Beach Bumz: – Beach Bums is like a cooler fete and beach party in one. Listen if you know me then you know Rum. Beach, Sun and Music is ALL I need to have a good time and that’s beach bums. Something about these parties just always make me so happy to be an island girl 

4. Little Ochi Seafood Festival :- if you’ve never had food at Little Ochi then half of your life gone! Hands down one of the best Seafood spots on the island. It’s located on our South coast in St. Elizabeth. The festival is really just a bonafide reason to sample all their delights and not look craven (not that I usually care) 

5. Any bar-b-que at a friend’s house : – Chilling with friends, dominoes and Ludi games, music, and some appleton, Maybe even a little one fan in the corner struggling with the heat. Lots of laughter and teasing, these afternoons are some one the best of summer. In Jamaica it almost always turns into a pot luck. Someone is going to carry a new dish they want everyone to try. SO it’s load of food and love and summer really doesn’t get more better than that. 


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