Oh Lawd!!! Asafa Powell & Sherone Simpson Tested Positive For Banned Stimulant

Asafa & Sherone

Jamaican’s have been in shock all day with the news of  American sprinter Tyson Gay testing positive for a banned substance and withdrawing from the World Championships next month.

Hours later news came out that 4 Jamaican athletes have also been tested for a banned substance 2 of which Olympians.

News recently came in flooding in that Olympic medallists Asafa Powell & Sherone Simpson have been tested a stimulant called oxilofrine (methylsynephrine) which was found in their samples taken at the National Trials in Kingston in June.

Both athletes have issued statements … please read below:

Sherone’s statement: 
This is a very difficult time for me. I was notified on July 14, 2013 that my urine sample taken at the National Senior Championship, June 21, 2013 after the 100m finals returned a positive analytical finding for a stimulant, oxilofrine (methylsynephrine).

As an athlete, I know I am responsible for whatever goes into my body.
I would not intentionally take an illegal substance of any form into my system.

I want to sincerely say to my family (especially my parents, grandparents and siblings), Paul Doyle (agent), MVP track club, fellow athletes, former sponsors and the rest of Jamaica that l am deeply sorry for any hurt or embarrassment this positive test may have caused.

Thanks to all who have been supporting me, I really appreciate it at this time.

My team and I will try to do everything we can to get this issue dealt with as best as we can.

-Sherone Simpson

Asafa’s Statement

I will confirm that a sample I gave at the National Trials in June earlier this year has returned“adverse findings”.

The substance oxilofrine (methylsynephrine) was found, which is considered by the authorities to be a banned stimulant.

I want to be clear in saying to my family, friends, and most of all my fans worldwide that I have never knowingly or wilfully taken any supplements or substances that break any rules. I am not now—nor have I ever been—a cheat.

My team has launched an internal investigation and we are cooperating with the relevant agencies and law enforcement authorities to discover how the substance got in my system.

I assure you that we will find out how this substance passed our rigorous internal checks and balances and design systems to make sure it never happens again.

My attitude towards doping regulations and testing is well-known and I willingly give samples whenever requested. This result has left me completely devastated in many respects.

Professionally, this finding fully negates any possibility of me being a part of Jamaica’s contingent of athletes competing at World Championships in Moscow later this summer.

Personally, however, this result comes at a greater cost. I write this statement knowing fully that my family, friends, fans and country will be disappointed at this latest development. I am reeling from this genuinely surprising result. I am confident, however, that I will come out stronger and wiser and better prepared to deal with the many twists and turns of being a professional athlete.

I accept the consequences that come with this finding —after all there is only one Asafa Powell.

My fault here however is not cheating but instead not being more vigilant. I want to reiterate that in my entire career as an athlete I have never sought to enhance my performance with any substance.

It is not a part of who I am or what I believe in.

I wish to thank all the people who have so far reached out to us to offer support and this experience has reminded me of how blessed and lucky I am to be able to do what I love for a living.

– Asafa Powell

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