Alia Michele’s Top 5 Fashion Faves & Top 5 Fashion Hell No’s for 2012


Alia Michele is one of Jamaica’s rising stylist’s.  Check out Alia’s top 5 fashion fave’s and top 5 fashion hell no’s for 2013.


1.    Wedge High Top Sneakers!


I’m one of those girls that LOVES heels! I used to wear them all day everyday in my ‘younger days’, so when I heard that high-top sneakers came with a hidden wedge a la Isabel Marant…I was on top of the world! Sneakers that will make our legs look awesome as well as add height! SOLD!

2.     Pyjama Tops


We saw this trend creep in slowly in 2011, and everyone thought designers were crazy. But this year they switched up the old white shirt black piping look, and added lovely prints! Add to a pair of jeans or wear the whole look and you’ll be noticed… in a good way!

3.     Prints & Pants


Denim and trousers are no longer the same-ole blue, black, brown etc. This year pants went wild with neon and my favourite…patterns! From florals to Aztec prints to stripes, our legs are far from plain!

4.     Sequins in cool places!


I will figure out how to get sparkle on my body, someway somehow!  I just ADORE it! But when trends go overboard, I take a step back. This is why when sequins were seen EVERYWHERE, I enjoyed the styles that had little sparkly bits in unexpected places.

 5.     Sexy Cut Outs

Sexy cut outs

There are some styles that went a tad crazy with skin baring slits, but the ones that leave a little to the imagination… two thumbs up! I always want to know what’s going on at the back of a shirt, so when I get a pleasant surprise as I turn the hanger on the rack, I become filled with instant glee! Oh yea!



1.     The Drastic High-Low


My question is… are you a mini or a maxi? I’m not really a fan of the high-low trend, but when the cut is gradual it works for many! I just can’t understand why some need to look like they ran through a shredder or they couldn’t decide what look to go for. Don’t walk out of the house confused.

2.     Platform Oxfords.


It’s bad enough that UGGs topped the best buy list for Black Friday this year, but when shoes are made to make more women walk like elephants… I’m no fan.

3.     Panty Shaped Cut Off Denim Shorts


It’s like Mom jeans came back to haunt us! This style is unflattering for everyone on planet earth. If you really need something cut like this, just buy a high waisted bikini, or go for shorts that are cut off the normal way. Mom jeans were meant to go in the garbage, not revamped into a denim panty.

4.     Sheer Tops with Strategically Placed Pockets


This style gives too many people the option to make us feel slightly uncomfy in public. Sheer tops should stay sheer and not have opaque pockets, crosses, or tape to cover up our boobs. There is a bra for that!

5.     Overdone Trends


When one thing pops up on the runway, some people just run away with it and spoil the entire idea. This year lace, studs, sequins and leather were big hits, but that doesn’t mean they should all be used at one time! Keep it simple and opt for up to two mixes.

Trends shouldn’t be followed, but when they peak our interest, sometimes you can’t help but buy! No matter what though, stay true to you. Figure out ways to add your own flair to something we see everyday. Remember less is always more. Stay Fabulous and have a wonderful, peaceful & loving New Year and please follow me on twitter @aliamichele.


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