A Quick Round Up of Sting 2012 Including A Fight Between Popcaan & Black Ryno


With only 2 hours of sleep here is my quick round up!!!

So I decided not to go to Jamworld in Portmore to watch the Sting dubbed as “The Biggest Reggae Show On Earth”, but instead watch it via a bandooloo live stream.

I caught the show when some younger and awful acts came on. I didn’t even care to know who was on as it was that bad.

Lady G also woke up the crowd and did a good set. This woman doesn’t age. She is still gorge to me. The vibes go going with a DJ called Food Kartel who DJ’s about food in all of his songs. It was quiet funny.

Wickerman came on and did a small tribute to his DJ partner Captain Barkey who passed in a fatal murder this year. Ishawna came on to perform and was alright she performed alongside with that DJ who sings about banana chips and phone-cards oh yes his name is Specialist.

Finally an artist with some substance hit the Sting stage and her name is Etana. Etana sung her hits, Roots, Wrong Address and more then my bandooloo stream crashed!

After finally getting it back thanks to a wonderful tweetren (my twitter word for followers) the up and coming DJ from Spanish Town Chronixx hit the stage. Chronixx did a solid set and was well received by the crowd. Iba Mahr who came up after also did a pretty good set also.

The live stream was cut off yet again. When I finally got another link Chuck Fender was on stage singing off his hits. After his time was up he came back on the stage to complain about his treatment by the police on entering the venue and proceeded to sing “Gash Dem and Light Them” … *Blank Stare*. Chucky is brave.

One of my favourite young reggae singers today is Romain Virgo, gosh I just love this kid! His voice, stage presence and songs bought a sweet lovers rock vibe to Sting.  After the young talent the veterans George Nooks and Errol Dunkley came on and did a medley of their hits back to back. Sweet Sweet segment! Then yes … the video feed went and I was on to some audio.

I missed the grand entrance of Busy Signal but was happy to see the audio turn into video in which I gladly sung along with Busy who has cut his trademark braids and was look pretty sharp in his white suit. After Busy spat out his hardcore hits he gave the audience some new tracks, then when into what I love him for the “Gal” tunes. Busy then went into his lovers rock segment and ended his performance on a high with some gospel. It was after 4.30am and the sleep struggle was real!!

The bandooloo stream went and came back ontime for the Konshens to come on. Konshens performance was good but I shall not comment on his outfit. La La La La!!

By 5am I heard some dude on the mic saying a clash is gonna happen between Jamaica vs USA, when I looked on the screen I saw some nakedly clad dressed women on the stage doing something which was suppose to be a dance clash …. Another *Blank Stare*

I couldn’t take anymore and crashed and went to sleep.

2 hours later I was up again to read on twitter that Popcaan and his team beat up Black Ryno. See for yourself!!

Lawd!! And there was more fights but not with men, I heard that Spice and Macka Diamond also fought backstage. Ladies get it together!

Laing!! (The Promoter) next time please just do a boxing ring instead of a stage because this shit is not getting any better each year.

I missed Sizzla who I heard was good and also the clash between Kiprich, Matterhorn, Merciless and Ninjaman. From what I am hearing Kiprich won all lyrical clashes! No sign of Tommy Lee must be locked up still and I guess Laing couldn’t pay Mavado, so he was a no show.

OK I am off to get 1 more hour in then its back to work.

One Love! oDessa.