5 Fave Things About The Harder They Fall

The wait is over The Harder They Fall is finally out on Netflix. Based on real life 19th-century cowboys the movie follows the character Nat Love (Johnathan Majors) who seeks revenge on a man who kills his parents when he was a child. Nat recruits his old gang called the Nat Love gang to help him face the brutal power gang led by Rufus Buck (Idris Elba).

The Nat Love Gang

We have said to much and won’t give you too much spoilers below are our 5 favorite things about the movie.

1. We loved Jeymes Samuels direction and how he payed homage by taking all the characters from real life figures, from different times and put them into an original story.

Regina King as Treacherous Trudy King

2. The soundtrack and score featured Jamaican artists Barrington Levy and Koffee, as well as the Nigerian Godfather Fela, which blended right with the theme of the movie.

3. Cuffee from start to finish we loved this underdog.

4. Wardrobe & Custom design

5. The way the chicken & biscuit looked at in the 1st scene. Random .. but true.

Idris Elba as Rufus Buck

All and all it was great to watch and see a western for us made by us. Salute to Jay Z & Jeymes Samuel. Can’t wait for part 2 … Oops another spoiler.

One Comment

  1. Kdeezy

    It was the scene of Willie escoe played by Deon cole eating his steak and practicing his big speech. The gold was real gangster looking. The close up shot was Art!!

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