The Culture of Gqom Comes Alive On Netflix Series JIVA!

The infectious sound of Gqom music which started around 2017 in the townships of Durban, South African has spread throughout Africa and the world.

With the sound there always has the be dance, and Gqom dance moves can be seen done from school kids to adults. Dance is a part of the SA culture and is highlighted in the new South African Netflix original series, Jiva.

It follows the lives of five South African female dancers as they showcase their talent through different dance styles and bring to life the competitive dance scene in Umlazi, Durban. The series has a lot of young talent and is filled with drama, laughs, tears and an inspiring storyline of overcoming one’s fears.

Jiva follows the life of struggling dancer Ntombi, played by Noxolo Dlamini, as she finds herself at a crossroad in her life stuck between working a 9-5 and pursuing her true passion, which is dancing.

Check out the trailer and watch the series out now on Netflix.

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