5 Q&A With Marcy Chin

After a fiery debut performance in a prime time slot on the virtual staging of Reggae Sumfest in 2020, the audience wanted to know more about Marcy Chin. She is the latest female artiste to receive the backing of the Josef Bogdanovich-led team at Downsound Records. Born Lonique Chin in the Kencot community, the up-and-coming artiste is ready to create waves in the music industry.

1. Music has always been a part of your life, but what would  you be doing if you were not doing music?

Something involving writing and media. Maybe film.

2. Your song “Lipstick” is featured on Downsound Record’s Storm Trooper rhythm, the labels first rhythm project in 5 years. How does it feel being a part of such a project?

It feels great, especially knowing it was Lipstick (originally recorded as a single) that inspired the label to ‘juggle’ the beat. 

3. What shade of lipstick is Marcy Chin?

A deep rich purple is my absolute favorite. Also a nice ruby red. 

4. Name one local artiste and one international artiste that you would love to collaborate with.

Local artiste: Aidonia 

International artiste: Billie Eillish 

5. You managed to pull off a stunning performance at Reggae Sumfest in 2020 after only one rehearsal. What was that like? What do you want your fans to leave with after you perform?

I wouldn’t even call that a rehearsal. The band learned my song the day of. Just a few hours before my performance. It was surreal. I got my outfit made just 4 hours before show time. A very non functional outfit, which had me struggling to get into it, had to stay in it because I couldn’t get out without cutting it off my body. So had to get a big T shirt to walk around in until it was show time. It was definitely something. 

I want my fans to leave feeling closer to me and always wanting more. We’re family when I am on that stage. The stage is home. 

Marcy released her six-song EP Episode 1 in 2020, and released in the visuals for ‘Lipstick’ in March 2021. Check out the video below.

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