Jaz Elise Hosts IG Live To Celebrate Major Label Deal, Shares Info About Unannounced EP

Songbird Jaz Elise heralds a new chapter in her career, with the release of a Dezignr Studios-directed video for the remix of the J.L.L.-produced Fresh & Clean (featuring dancehall artiste Govana), following an announcement that she has officially inked a deal with In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course/RCA. The musician was in high spirits, on a spontaneous Instagram Live, celebrating and expressing endless gratitude for her latest and future endeavours.

“Is a whole heap ah tings mi ah feel right now,” Jaz Elise said during the spontaneous Live, responding to labelmate Sevana, who asked how she’s feeling about officially signing to Protoje’s major label partnership outfit.

Sevana, exclusively, spilled the beans on Jaz Elise’s never-before-mentioned upcoming EP, saying it is “gonna be an extraordinary project.” And, according to one of the twosome’s exchange, it appears Grammy award-winning producer IzyBeats (who is usually announced by his infectious tagline ‘Izy, are you kidding me’) is lending his legend to the EP.

“Is the first time mi go inna studio an mi ah go talk all ah di tings dem…Fresh & Clean is just the tip of the iceberg,” Jaz Elise shared, adding that working on the EP “is a release” for her, creatively. The artiste, who was largely being coy about the unannounced project, eventually whetted the appetites of the viewers by proceeding to – without context – sing a couple verses from crooner Mortimer’s Lightning; perhaps alluding to, yet, another major upcoming collaboration.

During the Live, the multihyphenate performer, with an acoustic guitar in hand, treated the eager audience with a few lines from Fresh & Clean (accompanied by Sevana) and Rock & Groove, before reuniting with her guest for an a cappella version of the latter’s Haul & Pull.

“There is a lot to come… there is so much more I want you guys to see and hear,” Jaz Elise said before “blessing up” Protoje, Lila Ike, and Sevana, who took a moment to congratulate the singer and add that Jaz Elise is “a thoughtful artiste” who is extraordinarily talented and very deserving of this new opportunity to share her music with the world.

“We hail from a legacy renowned, check your skin tone,” Sevana recited, highlighting that the lyrics are a powerful line from the Jaz Elise-Govana collaboration that resonates with her, especially in this time of global racial awakening.

“Music is this (points to heart) and this (points to head),” Jaz Elise aptly annexed.

Fellow artistes Naomi Cowan and Jada Kingdom, and YouTube star Rushcam were also among the impromptu live’s chatroom guests.

The Fresh & Clean remix video features cameos by Protoje, Chi Ching Ching, J.L.L. and surf-skateboarder Shama the Superman.

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