Sevana Releases Mango Video & Be Somebody EP

Singer-songwriter Sevana releases second video, Mango, from her six-track major label debut, Be Somebody. The saccharine visuals of the J.L.L.-produced earworm help to assertively petition the summer banger inventory.

The Mango imagery – comprising vibrant shades of reds, greens, and yellows decor – are reminisce of a classic magazine photo shoot’s behind-the-scene visuals. The video showcases Sevana‘s frolicsome performances in Director of Photography Gabrielle Blackwood‘s aesthetic frames.

Mango is an infectious dancehall-reggae track with a global cadence that could comfortably etch rotation slots on local, Caribbean and urban radio stations around the world. The songbird shares co-directing credit with frequent collaborator Yoram Savion. Mango comes on the heels of If You Only Knew which was shot in Dakar, Senegal and Portland, Jamaica.

Be Somebody is a collection of traditional R&B, hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall sonic influences fused into agreeable hybrid sub-genres. The In.Digg.Nation Collective-Six Course/RCA Records collaborative effort was officially released just hours before the Mango video.

Be Somebody‘s tracklisting include title track Be Somebody, Mango, If You Only Knew, Phone A Friend, Blessed, and Set me On Fire.

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