5 Q&A With Jaz Elise

Jaz Elise is the latest female talent out of Jamaica that is creating a buzz and  who we have had our eye on. This triple threat bursted on to the scene last year with her 1st single For You and is now creating waves with her summer banger anthem Fresh & Clean produced by JLL Productions.

OAJ’s Christine V, recently caught up with the Kingstonian for a chat.

OAJ: Your new song ‘Fresh and Clean’ is backed by an Afro beat. What was the inspiration for both the lyrics and the beat and tell us how they complement each other?

JE: I love Afro beat and dancehall and was definitely inspired by those genres. So you’ll hear some of that influence especially in the drums and rhythm section. The song itself was inspired by a feel good moment of confidence where you put your best foot forward, feel your best self and just acknowledge that element within you that makes you feel powerful and ready to take on the day.

OAJ:  You have co-starred in short films such as Capture Land and Proscenium. Tell us what it’s like being an actress in Jamaica, and is it a career path you’d consider pursuing?

JE: Honestly I’ve never considered myself an actress but I was always involved in performing arts and just kinda remained open to opportunities within that area. One of those areas was acting I guess and I just enjoyed being part of telling stories and creating art. Even though I haven’t been in a short film in a little while I’m definitely open to doing more of it. There are lots of stories that need to be told and though I primarily tell mine through song, I’m definitely open to other forms.

OAJ: You are also a very talented dancer. How long ago did you discover that talent and would you take it on as a full time thing, or maybe put your music on hold for dancing?

JE: Thank you! I started dancing a little later than most- in 5th form. But I grew to love and have an appreciation for it over the years. Movement is apart of our expression…my expression and even if it’s just a little tap of the feet I haffi dance when performing my songs. Or even when I’m creating. Be it a likkle Groove or full blown choreo- I need it. It’s like one of my limbs

OAJ: Say you had a multi-million dollar project to work on and you needed a business partner with one fault, who would it be: the know-it-all or the narcissist?

JE: Wow. Both of these options sound rough. I honestly not sure what to say.

OAJ: You released Fresh and Clean music video today, describe your ultimate direction for this song and illustrate that direction with a line from the song.

JE: The video was legit me and some of my friends parring for the day. We decided to go to couple locations and hold a vibe. I chose to keep it very easy and not too fussy- just a good time with couple of my bredrins at some locations that were meaningful to us. For instance the record vintage shop downtown and the beach out at bull bay.

Check out the video for Fresh & Clean