OAJ Talks To Sevana About Her New Single Justice

Singer Songwriter Sevana has been our one to watch for the past 4 years when we 1st wrote about her. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to a female artist out of Jamaica singing reggae and is stunningly beautiful.

We caught up with Sevana to talk about her new single and video Justice.

OAJ: I just watched the video for Justice it was beautiful. Tell us about the concept?

SEVANA: The concept is completely the brainchild of Teeqs, the writer, director and editor of Losing Patience who after hearing my demo for Justice decided to bless me with a treatment for a video. I was sold! The video is means to depict what will eventually catch up to us if we continue to mistreat, exploit and destroy earth. In the video, I represent Mother Earth – a source of life and light while my male lead represents human beings and their dependence on earth (me), throughout the scenes he’s chasing after me to see how he could use me to help him. In the end, we see that his pursuit of me is exactly the kind of selfishness humans are guilty of in our use of earth, not recognising our impact and that we’re essentially killing ourselves. I let him catch up to me in the river where he finally meets his death – a parallel to what will happen when earth can’t sustain our lives anymore. It will be renewed.


OAJ: In the song you speak the environment and how it will take back justice on us. Tell us about how you got to that point of writing  a song like this?

SEVANA: I came to this through observing human activity and how it affects earth. We’ve missed the point or perhaps take it for granted that, if we don’t take care of earth, earth can’t take care of us.

OAJ: What are you doing now to assist helping our environment?

SEVANA: This song is call to action to engage other people to join me minimising the amount of garbage we generate by buying less plastic and other non bio-degradable items, carpool, be thoughtful in using less water and other natural resources where we can as well as being mindful of our use of electricity – for eg of time we leave things plugged in. These are some of the things I practice currently. I am also in talks with the Natural Resources Defence Counsel to develop an entire campaign around Environmental Justice. We’ll see what more we come up with!

OAJ: Is Justice the 1st single from your up and coming album?

SEVANA: Sorry! I can’t say that just yet!

OAJ: Cho! OK.

SEVANA: Laughs! You will be one of the 1st to know.

OAJ: Nice … OK, When are you back on the road touring and where can we see you locally?

SEVANA: I go back to touring early April with Romaine Virgo for the Lovesick Tour and locally I’m part of the Bigga Soda School Tour! Stay tuned to my socials @callmesevana for more details on where you could see me live!

Check out the visuals for Justice … song produced by The Drumkeys & Protoje

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