OAJ’s Things That Must Be Left In 2017

So, here’s the thing – we can ALL agree that 2017 was QUITE.THE.YEAR! So much has happened and many things were brought to light and frankly, we’re ready to embrace 2018.

With all that’s taken place throughout the year, there are a few things that we here at OAJ think should not crossover to the New Year! Here’s our take on what these are:

1. Thick painted on eyebrows – One word. NO.

There are TOOOO many YouTube tutorials, new targeted eye makeup products and Pinterest boards with step by step instructions available for women to walk around looking like they stepped out of a Halloween costume convention. We stronlgy encourage everyone to please, please, please leave ugly eyebrows in 2017. Matter of fact, they shouldn’t have even made it into the year. Leave it in 1984.

2. Dutty Heart People – [Steepled fingers and dramatic pause] –

In the year of our Lord 2017, we still have people who make it their mandate to hate on others or badmind people as the yardie would put it. This has to stop. What we’re not going to do is tolerate this in 2018. All we ask, here at OAJ, is that you take the time to focus more on yourself and what YOU want to accomplis in your own life. Let’s all focus on being better human beings; people that can make a positive contribution to society. Simple math – It takes WAYYYYY more energy to hate on someone else than it takes to mind your own business.

3. Any rapper with the name ‘Lil’ –

The only ‘Lil’ that we recognize is ‘Lil Wayne’, okay?!?! And even that says a whole lot. Anyway, we’re asking aspiring rappers and DJs to be more creative than this. Get a better stage name for crying out loud. Nobody wants to listen to music if your name is Lil Stroke or Lil Chin Chin. Not today. Not ever.

4. Disrespect Of Women –

Now this one may be heavy for some, but in all seriousness, we are NOT going into 2018 tolerating any more disrespect from men. In the latter portion of 2017, more and more women have been outspoken on the issue and sharing their stories and ways they have tried to re-adjust. The union and support from women around the world was AND is great to see and we’re pretty sure it will continue over into 2018. Therefore, for everyone reading this, we are here to tell you that you NO LONGER have to tolerate ANY disrespect, no matter the form, from these men. It’s time to claim back your peace and happiness.

5. Posting 20 Instagram posts in one day –

Instagram developers worked super hard to give us the multiple post option (side-note: we’re still made them for changing the chronological algorithm) but people are still out here acting a fool! For the love of Black Jesus, please please please leave alla dat in 2017. You HAVE the option of posting at least 10 photos or videos in one Instagram post. We definitely don’t need to be scrolling through our feeds, seeing different angles of you in the same spot, wearing the same clothes, holding the same drink when you could’ve just put in all in one post.

I mean, it is your personal Instagram and you can do whatever you want with is, but we’re just trying to help. Let’s not bring this over into 2018.

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