OAJ Talks To Emprezz Golding About Becoming An Advocate For Jamaican Youth

Emprezz Golding pic

Emprezz Golding is not just a pretty face and media personality, she has taken on the role of child activist and has provided an outlet for the children and teens of Jamaica to have a platform where they can speak out on their issues that need to be heard.

We caught up with Emprezz over coffee to speak more with her.

OAJ: At what point did you wake up and say enough of entertainment I’m gonna to do more for the youth of Jamaica.

EMPREZZ: Well I haven’t said enough of entertainment, I just felt that the social consciousness in media was not balanced. So 6 years ago I decided it was time to create a youth space in television with the aim of promoting good values, airing concerns and finding solutions. This is when I  found my true purpose and value in media.  My media recipe is constantly being tested and I am working on improvements daily for the purpose of entertaining content with the positive/solution based  messages.

OAJ: What drives you each day?

EMPREZZ: I am inspired by my vision to set my own Jamaican media agenda that will employ fresh talent,  be commercially appealing with the under and over tones of cultural pride and positive energy.  I have big dreams and as a creative I am determined to never stop trying something new.

The passion in the vision drives me. I am doing what I love, so it wakes me up daily.

OAJ: Tell us about Talk Up Yout?

EMPREZZ: The TV show is entering  it’s 6th season. Thanks to the corporate support of National Baking Company and the Stanley and Empress productions. We created a platform ‘using media to heal’

The programme has expanded over the years into multiple activities geared at “Giving the youth a Voice” and allowing peer to peer counselling, highlighting and developing advocates to’ Shatter the Silence’ and  find tangible solutions.

Emprezz brings Ackee Walk to a school in Kingston.
Emprezz brings Ackee Walk to a school in Kingston.

OAJ: What inspired you to produce Ackee Walk?

EMPREZZ: My son Kush, and all the other little children in Jamaica and the WORLD are my inspiration. I was shocked when I saw my son’s response to some hand puppets I bought in Brazil and I said when I bought them that I was going to use the for a positive children’s show when I returned home.

I started to write down the ideas and test little videos with my phone.

A year or so later a TVJ and UNICEF opportunity arose when and the show concept/ plan fit perfectly with the messages they wanted to deliver.

OAJ: Tell us about your son Kush’s book?

EMPREZZ: I wrote a book from the story My son told me getting ready one morning. I printed the book for his 4th birthday guests. He is a superhero in the story, It’s very inspirational and his friends love it. . I hope to ONE day release the book. Who knows? Maybe I could even develop a series of books…only time and $$$ will tell.

OAJ: What more do you think that we as individuals can do to help our young children & teens of Jamaica?

Emprezz & Youth 1

EMPREZZ: I think we need to support more activities that focus on the healthy development of children and adolescents. More public awareness of the the issues and I recommend Mass media as a powerful medium to make a BIG difference. If each person committed to 1 social development activity, we would change  the amount negative news in the newspapers.


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