Oh Lawd!!! Tyga’s 1 of 1 Video Nuh Mek It

While we at OAJ are happy that Tyga is connecting with his Jamaican Roots, his new single 1 of 1 sounds like a straight jack off Drake’s Controlla, and the video nuh ready.

Shot in Jamaica the video opens with Tyga in his own words talking about Kingston being real gully, much like the ghetto back home (Compton), just undeveloped. What some see as dirty and less fortunate, we see as beauty.

OK so we are expecting to see some beauty of the ghetto (cus there is) but no we see the typical music video where the foreign star is shot in a community  surrounded by people who live in the ghetto with the typical over head jib shot and kids playing football in the dusty football field … Sigh!

Oh and what is more typical he meets a beautiful girl who’s father is some kind of rich boss/Don. The love interest is played by model Amina Blue. Amina looks just deh deh like she is Alessia Clara … why am I here … throughout the video.

During the video there are some interludes that don’t make sense cho … the video is of another jack of Drake’s Find Your Love and not a good one!

Watch for yourself and compare.



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