Barbados Minister Wants To Ban Dancehall Music Do You Think He Is Right … Take Our Poll

Stephen Lashley, Minister of Culture in Barbados

Dancehall music is, again, facing a ban in Barbados as Culture Minister Stephen Lashley has called for its suspension from the airwaves.

“I take this opportunity this evening to call on each and every one of us to take a stand on this reckless behaviour. I am equally concerned about the impact of certain types of dancehall music and videos, the impact that this is having on the minds of our citizens, especially our young people,” Lashley told his audience at the launch of the 2016 Community Independence Celebrations at Gall Hill, St John parish, last weekend.

The Minister who cites the connection with growing crime and violence in that country with the genre, as reported in Barbados’ Nation newspaper, is also calling on the country to take this stance against the “reckless behaviour” and “ the escalation of violent acts that have claimed the lives of so many persons already this year.”

Hmmmm does this ban includes Rihanna’s Work feat Drake as that is a certain type of dancehall music.

OAJ Massive what are you thoughts?

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