GoldenEye Resort Opens New Beach Huts

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Arguably one of Jamaica’s most beautiful rustic boutique hotels is GoldenEye in Oracabessa.

GoldenEye is only 20 minutes away from Ocho Rios and was the original home of  Ian Fleming who wrote all 14 James Bond novels there. The 15 acre property was later acquired by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell in 1976, and remained a private villa until Blackwell opened it in 2010 as a hotel with 11 cottages and  6 lagoon suites.

Pool Vibes by Bizot Bar
Pool Vibes by Bizot Bar

Last month Goldeneye’s  GM invited us to check out their 26 new beach huts which opened April 1st, 2016.

Built as shelter from the sun and wind, the beach hut is an elemental structure — one step removed from sleeping under the stars.


Founder Chris Blackwell fell in love with the beach hut concept on a trip across Jamaica, back in the 1980s. He only built two at GoldenEye — one for his mum, one for himself. Now, GoldenEye gets its own hamlet of huts!

The rustic chic huts are nestled around Snorkelers Cove and as the rest of the property are designed by Jamaican architect Ann Hodges.


The exteriors are painted in playful, Caribbean colours. Interiors are furnished with king-size beds, locally made furniture and natural fabrics. Oversized, louvred windows and high ceilings maximize cross-ventilation from ocean breezes, eliminating the need for air conditioning. Some Beach Huts have outdoor showers, baths and gardens. All have their own veranda. Each is distinctly GoldenEye.


Another added addition to GoldenEye that we enjoyed was Button Beach which one can swim out to the reef that is a part of the Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary.


GoldenEye Beach Huts are a cool addition to the hotel and go from $400 USD a night low season,  to $600 USD this winter for more info head over to GoldenEye

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