Serena Williams In Jamaica For Her Charity


Serena with Olympic medal Jamaican track stars Yohan Blake & Warren Weir pose for a pic before getting back to building the school.


Tennis superstar Serena Williams is in Jamaica for her Serena Williams Fund. The Grand Slam Champion partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build the Salt Mash Primary School in Trelawny.

Welcome back Serena thanks for giving back to Jamaica!

Serena Williams poses with Dancehall Diva Tifa out and about.


One Comment

  1. Esther anderson

    Wonderful example and shes not even jamaican..where are the schools from the Billionare Christopher Blackwell whose family made thier illigal wealth off slavery of African people , and later poor jamaican children who try to sing for thier supper…and end up with bread and butter instead.

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