Jamaican Contemporary Art En-Route To Norway


Leasho Johnson Back-A-Road 2014

From January 30 – March 2, 2016, eleven exceptional Jamaican talents have been invited to showcase their work at Galleri F15 in Norway. Art from Jamaica and the Caribbean is still mostly unfamiliar to the Norwegian public which has pushed curator, Selene Wendt, into conceptualizing Jamaican Routes ‒ an exhibition where Jamaican music, in all its breadth and complexity, plays an important role. Jamaican Routes will also feature artists that touch on other themes, particularly sociopolitical and identity-related issues. As a whole, Jamaican Routes gives an impression of the conceptual and formal breadth of Jamaican contemporary art, while also offering a glimpse of some of the most important social themes that have set their mark on Jamaican music and culture.


Ebony G Patterson Bad Pickney 2014

Already well known in Jamaica and the Caribbean, the eleven participating artists featured in Jamaican Routes are young artists whose careers are on the rise internationally. The works have been carefully selected to provide a meaningful and nuanced impression of Jamaican contemporary art through video, film, photography, painting, works on paper and installations.


Storm Saulter Better Mus Come

Participating artists: Camille Chedda, Andrea Chung, Marlon James, Leasho Johnson, Matthew McCarthy, Olivia McGilchrist, Oneika Russell, Ebony G. Patterson, Storm Saulter, Cosmo Whyte and Andre Woolery.

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