Dancehall’s Queen Lady Saw Gets Baptized 

The queen of Dancehall Lady Saw is now baptized. 

Lady Saw took to her Instagram account today to tell her fans that God spoke to her this morning while at the funeral of J Capri and also at her home. Lady Saw has also canceled all her dancehall shows too.

After her baptism Saw asked her friends and fans who have been reaching out to her to give her some time to respond.


This was not the 1st calling that Lady Saw has had at Reggae Sumfest 2 years ago she told OAJ’s Odessa that she will get baptized soon and will be leaving dancehall to do gospel music.

We will miss our dancehall Muma! But wish her all the best in her spiritual journey with God.


  1. Carlene Foster

    Good morning Sister Marion Hall . Welcome to Kingdom Business . personally my new sister I am happy for you, you have answer the call , remember now .that Jesus didn’t promise you that the road would be easy and trust me on this, people are going to give you days , weeks , months and a year or more , God allows you to get the world cretic experience already because Him Jesus know that today you will be a minister for the His kingdom today so when you where doing dance hall HE allow you to get the experience so that you can be one of the best master piece that ever will be use to trample Satan’s kingdom . just remember you are not alone He is with you always. there are times you are going to question both self and God but please stay focus on the biggest master piece Jesus Christ who is the centre of your life. Now God his going to show you your true friends now, stick to the cross I am saying these words straight from my heart because I have been through the fire, I have been through the rain but I have no desire to turn back again because I was a backslider and I am now thanking God for His blood everyday that gives me strength everyday . I just finished Bible school and I am now a full Evangelist of the gospel of Christ . I am proud of you .welcome again in the name of Jesus . if you would like to talk to me as a spiritual motivator you can contact me at 431-0075 . I will be praying for you every chance I get to do so because I have been through hell and more and I am still going through a lot of challenges but I keep reminding myself that God promise me because I am the seed of Abraham and He can not break His promise and He can not lie. Whatever God started He will complete it . You are a chosen generation that’s who you are . Just want to say to Poster Everton Thomas may the peace of God continue to be with you . I remember you when I was a young girl about the age of 22 yrs and I came to you for council and you are always ready to do God work , All the true born again we have work to do today pray up Sister Marion Hall so she will grow from strength to strength each day, pray for all the unsaved in this world and especially in our country that God will save some gun men we can not give up on them . if we give up ,we are giving up on our country . CONGRATULATION SISTETR HALL. LOVE YOU .

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