Dancehall Star J Capri Dies At Age 23

We got the news this morning but have been in mourning with the Reggae & Dancehall community.

Dancehall Star J Capri passed away early this morning while undergoing treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies UWI after her major car accident on November 22nd, 2015.

Born Jordan Phillips suffered several broken bones and a serious head injury as a result of the crash. A blood drive was done for the DJ across the island of Jamaica and many prayers and positive messages of support was sent out from friends and fans globally.


We just reported on yesterday’s o-access JAMAICA Report on BANG Radio in London that doctors said that things was looking up for the 23 year old but she succumbed to her injuries.

J Capri shot to dancehall stardom in 2012 with hits Whine & Kotch with Charly Blacks, Pull Up To Mi Bumper with Konshens, Reverse It, and Boom and Bend Ova, she would have been 24 years old on December 24th Christmas Eve.

Rest in Power & Walk Good beautiful!

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