Jamaican Artist Ebony G. Patterson “Dead Treez” In The Museum Of Arts & Design

Ebony G. Patterson
Ebony G. Patterson

We fell in love with the work of Jamaican artist Ebony G. Patterson 4 years ago at the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Biennial.

Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez Opening, November 9th, 2015 Photo By Jenna Bascom ©
Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez Opening, November 9th, 2015 Photo By Jenna Bascom ©

Today Ebony lives in Lexington, Kentucky and her newest exhibition Dead Treez, can now be on viewed at the Museum of Arts and Design, Patterson presents a blinged-out deluge of colors, patterns, sparkles and pop, in the forms of hand-embroidered tapestries, sculptures and a site-specific installations. Incorporating jewelry culled from MAD’s permanent collection, Patterson conjures the vibrancy and swagger of an entire bustling nightclub, concentrated into a single, dizzying vision. Nodding to the flamboyant masculinity of Kehinde Wiley, the unapologetic glamor of Mickalene Thomas and the hip hop reverence of Rashaad Newsome, Patterson seduces her viewers into confronting difficult questions about race, gender and identity.

Congrats to Ebony we are looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your amazing work.

For more on this feature please read here.

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