Daughter Of A Legend Marla Brown Inspires With Superstar

Marla Brown Superstar

Marla Brown is the daughter of the late great legendary Dennis Brown, who we met and came to love a year ago.

Marla’s first single Better Days is currently number 8 on the official UK Reggae Chart in which she is enjoying its success.

We caught up with the British, Jamaican singer, songwriter to find out a little bit more about her and her inspiring new single Superstar which is produced by Tony CD Kelly.

OAJ: When did you start getting in to singing?

MB: I’ve always been singing from a young tyke with my brothers and sisters- my household was always a stage show so song and dance was always in occurrence for all and us to enjoy! Professionally though, as Marla Brown the artist, I started singing in 2013 and my debut was at London’s Famous Jazz Cafe, opening the night in celebration of Striker Lee’s 46th year anniversary within the music industry.

OAJ: What inspired you to write superstar?

MB: Two things inspired me to write superstar, the good, being my Mum as she is my voice of reason and the not so good, being verbally bullied from someone I met in Jamaica.

Being so far away from my family as I was residing in Jamaica at the time, it was hard to not get those words of wisdom/encouragement first hand anymore whenever I felt a little down or my energy had shifted because of a person’s negative energy, so my Mum said it was important for me to have tougher skin being in Jamaica and to write things down, put my feelings into a song, be my own upliftment and to be confident in all that I do as I do back in London.

This song is something that will remind me that no matter what people say still be true to who you are … sounds simple enough but that is exactly what superstar is, simplicity of the mind.

Not everyone is going to like you for their own personal reasons, but YOU have to like you. You have to love yourself and be confident in your own skin and that is exactly what being a superstar is. It is a celebration of self. it is my way of restoring that faith within that you are unique and sculpted in your own perfect light.

OAJ: What was it like working with Tony Kelly?

Working with Tony was great! He is an amazing producer and so humble! We spent HOURS in the studio just vibing to superstar  being so impressed with it and listening out for any imperfections!

It was great to be working with someone who has so much depth within the industry and to witness first hand how much care and attention he puts into a song to create that beautiful crisp union of lyrics and sound.

OAJ: You just shot your music video when will we be able to see it?

MB: Superstar video will  premier week commencing 22nd June 2015 and I can’t wait for you to see it.

We can’t wait to see it too!!

Listen to this amazing song Superstar a song that we think will inspire young men and women of this generation.

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