OAJ Reviews Free Jane By Jamaican Hip Hop Group … Acmatic


“Legalize it,” sang the legendary Peter Tosh. And so say the new generation of music-makers in Jamaica.

Young modern rap ensemble Acmatic have just released a music video for their newest single Free Jane, touting a very familiar message.

nuff ah we ah wait fi when dem free mary jane

A once controversial message has turned conversational–which makes us wish they weren’t as polite in their delivery. Blazing fire is a standard symbol of Rastafari and serves as rhetoric in the marijuana conversation. Acmatic has created an actual image of a fire blazing, with featured singer on the track, Mortimer gazing pleadingly into it. But where is the smoke?

With more and more voices joining the fight to free up ganja, we wish we saw more smoke! Mary Jane was made into an actual woman in chains, very polite imagery, but we want more!

all aboard tun entrepreneur

The song dips in and out of the reggae vibe, starting with Mortimer’s deep, almost whispered hook. The switch from reggae to rap is smooth–as lead vocalist for Acmatic, Phillip “Lopo” Lopez comes in with verses that are more energetic and electronic. It’s a refreshing nuance, a clever balancing act between where Jamaican reggae has come from and where Jamaican artistry is going.

The song was written by the group’s rapper, Lopo and produced by Acmatic members Phillip Myers, Russell Meghoo and Alex Delapenha.

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