Jamaica Chosen As A Nation To Take Back The Mic … The World Cup of Hip-Hop

TBTM world cup

Some hip-hop aficionados have traced foundation elements of the genre to Caribbean music. So there’s little wonder as to why the world is looking for the next hip-hop great in the Caribbean Sea.

Take Back The Mic: The World Cup of Hip Hop is a music competition that has put the power back into the hands of the fans. The public is put in the driver’s seat to help discover and promote the best hip-hop artists from around the world. The Take Back The Mic competition is inviting artists from Kingston, Jamaica; Medellin, Colombia; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to submit their applications.

“It’s more than just a show–it’s a quest to amplify the voices of a new generation.” says CEO Derrick Ashong.

Take Back the Mic checks out Crew Peligrosos & friends at a jam in Medellín"
Take Back the Mic checks out Crew Peligrosos & friend at a jam in Medellín, Columbia
IMG_3871 copy
Party goers jam to Crew Pleigroso at Medellin, Columbia

Take Back The Mic will recognize the top artists selected from each country, to be selected strictly by the fans, and will invite three top scoring fans to enjoy the showcase of Take Back The Mic finale performances at Miami’s prestigious New World Center at the eMerge Americas tech conference.

If you are in Jamaica and feel that you can Take Back the Mic & want more details follow your cursor here.