Jah 9 Shows Her Love For Di Avocado

Avocado Jah 9

This has to be our favourite song from the beautiful jazz/dub singer Jah 9 taken from her critically acclaimed album  New NameAvocado is a wicked fun, tongue and cheek track, in which Jah 9 speaks about the love of  her man.

“I am very excited to share this song and happy I was able to tell the story in my own way, honouring the light hearted nature with which it was written but still injecting important messages in a more universally appealing way. Avocado is that spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down” – Jah9

Avocado is produced by Rory (Stone Love) and the video is directed by Samo ‘Kush-I’ Johnson.

This will go down as one of our best locally produced videos for 2014, its beautiful and fun!


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